How To Edit Text On Your Website

Congratulations. You’ve got your site up and running, and now it’s time to learn how to make changes on the fly. 

In this video Mookey teaches the basics of adjusting the written content on your site and how to navigate the controls. 

Note: This article is written specifically for Mookey Media clients. If you are not currently a client but you have a wordpress website, click here to  gain more knowledge on posting a blog on your site.


Step 1 – Login

Log in to your website dashboard using the credentials that were sent to you. If you can’t find the credentials, please contact Mookey Media. 

     Step 2 – Choose the page you’d like to edit text on

    Head over to the pages tab and select it. Choose the page you would like to edit.

      Step 3 – Select ‘Edit With Divi’

      Hover over the page and select ‘Edit With Divi’ on the menu.

        Step 4 – Select the Gear Icon in the Grey Module

        Locate the section where you would like to edit the text. Over over the area until you see a grey module. Select the gear icon.


          Step 6 – Change Your Text and Save Your work.

          Once your finished adjusting the text, save your work by clicking the green check mark.

            Step 7 – Publish the changes

            Publish/Save the changes once more by clicking the purple menu button at the bottom of the screen. It will enable the save button in the bottom right hand corner, press the green save. Your finished.

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