How To Setup Your Email On An iPhone and Android

One of the biggest challenges many of our new customers face is setting up their email accounts on their iPhones. cPanel has actually made the process extremely easy by creating “profiles” for iOS that all you to login, download them, and setup the account automatically. Unfortunately, many customers don’t realize this exists, so I decided to film a brief tutorial to explain how you would do this.

Please note, when doing the automatic set up with the Iphone, it’s very important that you use the default browser (Safari) to login to cPanel as it will not download from Chrome. If you’re unable to get this method to work, you can setup the account manually, it just requires typing the username (email address) and password multiple times. The most important things you need to remember here for setting up the emails on Android phones, is to use the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers that are provided inside of cPanel.  Since SSL is free an automatic at Mookey Media you want to use the SSL settings.  This ensures the highest level of security. If setting up on a Mac or Windows you can basically follow the same process for the automated file, just ensure you click on the correct link inside of cPanel.