(2 Hour minimum)

$1,600+ HST Full Day (8 hours) per videographer
$1000 + HST Half day (4 Hour) per videographer
$800+ HST (2 hours) per videographer

Additional hours is $300/hour 


Editing rates start at $150/hr (2 hr minimum for projects). Rates are dependant on the capacity and requirements. It takes approximatley 2 hours to edit 1 minute (or less) of video. Example: 1 min video (or less) = 2hrs of editing approx ($300). There are 2 revision stages. Any request made after the 3rd revision will have additional chagres based on the requirments. Call for quote today.

Lighting & Equipment

Concert Package (Call for Quote)
Package B ( Music Video) – Basic Package – $350 + HST Per Day

Gaffer (Lighting Technician )
     $600 (Full Day)  8 hours
    $350 (Half Day) 4 hour
*$100 per additional hour

Drone Video

1 hour on site ( $300) + HST
$100 per additional hour

DP (Director of Photography) 

 The DP works in collaboration with your team to bring your idea to life on film and to create a plan of action for the production team based on your needs and budget.  The price depends on the number of days of shoots and what the project entails. Rate starts at $1000.00


Responsible for all aspects including finding locations, finding on screen talent, preparing the team, scheduling, etc. Also responsible for preparing story boards, shot lists and more. Price is depedent on the capacity of the project. Rates start at $2000